CPP 01 Micro-Counselling Skills:

Theory & Practice: An introduction to counselling principles, philosophy and practice, with an emphasis on basic counselling skills through the use of structured exercises, role plays and audio/video simulations of counselling interviews.

CPP 02 Principles & Techniques of Counselling Process:

This module is designed to develop and refine the micro-skills into the “craft” of counselling by acquiring and using various fundamental skills associated with the four major stages of the counselling process: Relationship, Assessment/Goal-setting, Strategy Selection/Implementation and Evaluation/Termination. It involves a counselling internship in setups like schools and NGOs, where students are guided by their supervisor.

CPP 03

Development and Counselling across the life span:

Each stage of life presents issues and challenges that are characteristic of that specific stage. Counselling is used to address these issues throughout one’s lifespan. The aim of the module is to understand the context and framework of the issues and provide support through the process of counselling.

CPP 04


This module examines selected neurotic, psychotic, developmental and character disorders from DSM V and considers diagnostic and treatment issues, using practical, theoretical perspectives and research. The module traces the development of psychopathology in individuals. It focuses on understanding causes, symptoms and treatment. The aim of the module is to aid counselors to understand, recognize the disorder in the Indian context and their role in this process.

CPP 05 Personality Psychology and Contemporary Psychotherapies:

This module covers major personality theories and an analysis of major concepts and practices of current psychotherapies to help counsellors learn how to select wisely those aspects that can be incorporated into their own developing personalized style of counselling.

CPP 06 Career Psychology:

This module serves as an introduction to the psychology and sociology of work and career choice using career development theories. Students learn to use counselling strategies, career-planning resources and to disseminate information on careers.

CPP 07 Career Practicum

This is an introductory module in theory, selection and use of standardised ability, aptitude, achievement, interest and personality tests in the career counselling process. Experience in evaluating strengths, weaknesses and biases of various testing instruments, laboratory experience in administration, scoring and interpretation of psychological tests are provided in the Career Counselling Practicum.

*Course and Course material are subject to revision to make it more relevant.