About Us

XICP – A JESUIT endeavour

The Jesuits in India are best known for their work in the field of education and academic research, as well as their work among the poor and the vulnerable. With 181 Primary & Secondary Schools, 18 Technical Institutions, Colleges & 8 Seminaries in India, the Jesuits continue to give back to society through their various endeavours. Loyola College in Chennai, St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad & XLRI – the School of Business in Jamshedpur are some of the best known Jesuit institutes in our country.

In their tireless pursuit of serving humanity, the XICP was started in 1992 by Fr. Berchmans D’Souza sj, with a view to enhance the knowledge & practice of therapeutic psychology. Father Berkie, as he was affectionately called by his students and fellow Jesuits, ran the Institute single handedly with a passion and dedication that one rarely witnesses in today's times. After his death in April 2006, the course was revived and is into its 10th year now. It takes 8 of us to replace Fr. Berkie as we strive hard to continue and to do justice to the huge legacy that he left behind.

In true Jesuit spirit and endeavour, counselling and the training of counsellors is deemed as the need of the hour. Our courses are run under St. Xavier’s College – Autonomous, Mumbai.