Our faculty consists of accomplished counselors & therapists trained by Fr. Berkie and others who are currently practicing as counselors, teachers, lecturers or therapists/clinicians in reputed institutions or in their own set up. Our faculty also includes Counselors / Priests who specialize in marital & couple therapy and prepares students with experiential knowledge.

  1. Dr. Fr. Keith D'Souza S.J. Director XICP
  2. Dr. Noellene Fialho - Courses' Coordinator - Human Development Specialist
  3. Dr. Fr. Anthony John D’Souza S.J. – Clinical Psychologist.
  4. Fr. Abhay Shirekar S.J. – Counselling Psychologist /Marriage and family therapist.
  5. Ms. Linda Dhakul-St. Xavier’s College-Autonomous Faculty –Dept. of Psychology (Counselling )
  6. Dr. Avinash Desousa – Psychiatrist /Counselor/Therapist –Desousa Foundation.
  7. Mrs. Suchismita Bose – Clinical psychologist ( The Foundation)
  8. Ms.Sujatha Abraham - Counselling Psychologist and Career Counsellor
  9. Ms. Ferzeen Faroodi - Psychotherapist
  10. Dr. Nirmala Almeida - Clinical Psychologist
  11. Ms. Irawati Joglekar - Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Fr. Keith D'Souza S.J.
Dr. Fr. Anthony John D’Souza S.J.
Fr. Abhay Shirekar S.
Ms. Linda Dhakul
Dr. Avinash Desousa
Mrs. Suchismita Bose
Ms.Sujatha Abraham
Ms. Ferzeen Faroodi
Dr. Noellene Fialho
Dr. Nirmala Almeida