Our faculty consists of accomplished counselors & therapists trained by Fr. Berkie and others who are currently practicing as counselors, teachers, lecturers or therapists/clinicians in reputed institutions or in their own set up. Our faculty also includes Counselors / Priests who specialize in marital & couple therapy and prepares students with experiential knowledge.

  1. Dr. Fr. Keith D'Souza S.J. [B.Sc., M.A. (Mumbai University), Ph.D. (Marquette University, USA] - Director XICP

  2. Dr. Noellene Fialho [B.A., M.Sc. Ph.D. (Mumbai University)] - Courses' Coordinator - Human Development Specialist

  3. Dr. Fr. Anthony John D’Souza S.J. [M.A. (Mumbai University), Ph.D. (Wright State University, Ohio)] - Clinical Psychologist.

  4. Fr. Abhay Shirekar S.J. [B.Sc. (Mumbai University), M.Sc. (Loyola University, Maryland)] - Counselling Psychologist /Marriage and family therapist.

  5. Ms. Linda Dhakul [B.A., M.A. (Mumbai University)] - St. Xavier’s College-Autonomous Faculty –Dept. of Psychology (Counselling)

  6. Mrs. Suchismita Bose [M.A. (Delhi University)] - Psychologist (Clinical specialisation)

  7. Ms. Sujatha Abraham [LLB (Mumbai University), M.Sc. (Madras University)] - Counselling Psychologist and Career Counsellor

  8. Ms. Ferzeen Faroodi [M.Sc. (Mumbai University)]- Psychotherapist

  9. Dr. Nirmala Almeida [B.A. M.A. Ph.D. (Mumbai University)] - Psychologist (Clinical specialisation)

  10. Ms. Irawati Joglekar [M.A., (Mumbai University)]- Psychologist (Clinical specialisation)

Fr. Keith D'Souza

Fr. Tony J. D'Souza

Dr. Noellene Fialho

Ms. Irawati Joglekar

Dr. Linda Dhakul

Dr. Nirmala Almeida

Ms. Ferzeen Faroodi

Mrs. Suchismita Bose

Ms.Sujatha Abraham